Shapeoko – Initial Experiments

October 2, 2013 CNC

I’m playing a bit of “catch-up” here with my posts, but here is a quick re-cap:

In mid-July I purchased a Shapeoko CNC kit through  The full kit comes an Arduino microcontroller with a pre-koaded GrblShield that processes G-code directly from NC files on your computer via USB connection.  The reason I chose the Shapeoko, as opposed to another kit or instruction set, is that it comes with everything you need and has a full wiki and forum site online.  The instructions were easy to follow, took less than 10 hours or so of assembly time, and within 10 days of clicking the order button, I had rocked through the initial “Hello World” program and was cutting wood:

This was my first CNC job!

First CNC Job!

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