Working with Walnut

October 17, 2013 Art

Here is a quick little project I did as a test run of building a hollow dodecahedron shell that I am going to try to use as an enclosure for my project in my Interactive Prototyping class with Bryce Beamer.  I used my Shapeoko to cut the faces out of 1/16″ thick walnut panels and basswood ply sheet for the braces.  I cut some grooves the thickness the basswood ply so that the braces would be more secure.  This worked better in theory than in practice, however, as the grooves were too shallow to really make it practical.  During assembly, I used wood glue on the walnut edges, while using a quick drying cyanoacrylate glue to secure the bracing while the wood glue set.  I created a top and bottom half, then joined the two, using rubber bands to clamp the halves together.  After a quick sanding job of 100, 150, and 220 grit paper, I started finishing with tung oil.  The tung oil really brings out the dark, rich color of the wood, and the finished piece looks pretty great, I am really happy with how it turned out.

  • Shapoko cutting face panels from 1/16″ walnut

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