LED Dress – Part 1

December 1, 2013 Experiments

Here are a few pictures on a project I’m working on with some Fashion Technology students to create a dress that is responsive to it’s environment. It will be run using the Adafruit FLORA controller to enable a small microphone to detect the levels of the ambient sound and adjust the light patterns appropriately. Fun stuff!

One of the requirements of the project was to make the garment washable.  So I dipped the NeoPixel LEDs in an epoxy resin made for finishing table tops.


I sewed the stainless steel thread onto outer layer of the liner with a zig-zagging stitch.


The LEDs only require a power and ground connection along with the control line that can address each individual LED in the chain.


Here is a video of a test run with the full dress. ┬áThese two panels will be sewn together by my group member and then I’ll modify the belt that she creates to house the micro-controller, battery, and microphone.

Stay tuned for more soon!



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