For The Record: Interactive Art Installation

December 7, 2013 Art

The Interactive Prototyping course I was taking this past semester wrapped up on Thursday with presentation of our second project.  The projects were completed in groups, and my group members were Alexis Grant, Brian Lieb, and Dana Utembayeva.  The project was entitled “For The Record” and it is an interactive art installation that uses a Microsoft Kinect to capture and record the activity in the view field as a drawing.


The system uses OpenSimpleNI via Processing to capture and translate the movement recorded by the Kinect.  The number of points detected moving above the threshold speed is counted and used to create and output for the servos.

  • Drew is moving around.

Users can approach the player to change the pen color, and system will stop.  The “Hot Point” detection system was adapted from “Making Things See” to tell whether an object is within a certain box of 3D space.  This box is positioned above the player so that when a user reaches over it, they are detected and the program stops servo motion to allow them to change the marker.

  • Drew going to change the marker.

The final result is a colorful “record” of the events in the room.


Here is a video of the player in action:

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