Santa’s Workshop

December 31, 2013 Art

This Christmas, I tried out a couple things I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  This was my first attempt at making jewelry.  Earlier in the year I visited my parents house in Albuquerque, NM and went on a few hikes with my Dad.  Along one of the trails, I found a fallen piece of aspen, which I brought home with the intention of using in a project.  This seemed like the right time, so I decided to also try inlaying it with turquoise, as it is commonly found in the native american jewelry of the region.  I purchased some turquoise beads from Amazon and crushed them by placing them inside a folded sheet of aluminum an hitting it with a hammer.  Using some 5 minute epoxy, I set the crushed stones in to wood.  After lots of sanding, I finished the pendants with tung oil, which, to my delight, really brought out the grain of the aspen. I glued on silver bails so they could be worn on a silver chain.  Here is the final result:

A while ago, I purchased some test tubes with the intention of turning them into vases.  With school finished, I could finally justify spending the time to do so.  Using my Shapeoko, I cut out the pieces for a vase design I quickly came up with the night before.  I used curves of different radii to create a seemingly expanding birdcage of sorts that draws the eye towards the center of the object, highlighting the glass tube containing water and the plant stem.  The two pieces were made with quarter inch thick walnut and cherry board that I had purchased for another project but never used.  I sanded and finished the pieces individually with tung oil, and then assembled them using a small amount of epoxy.  Here are some pictures:

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