Knit Panel Collaboration

June 3, 2014 Customization

Last semester, I completed a collaborative project with a Textile Design graduate student name Sam Fletcher. For her Knit Tech class, we needed to find a way to display multiple samples of knit fabric in some kind of object or model. With Sam’s background in interior design, we chose to create a customizable sound absorbing panel, where individual triangular panels could be combined to create an abstract design. First, I watched Sam work on the knitting machines to get an idea of how they work:

  • Watching Sam work the knitting maching.

After a while of throwing ideas around, we came up with simple design that enabled us to show off the samples, while creating an interesting visual piece. I created a quick CAD model to make sure I had everything right, then started building things:

  • Insulation foam was used as a cost-reducing substitute for sound absorbing paneling.

The final piece came out nicely. The variation in knit pattern color and texture, as well as the mildly organic, yet geometric form create an interesting visual contrast. Take a look at the final product below:

Here is a full-length picture of the entire piece.

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