Minimal Surfaces

September 12, 2015 3D Printing

I am completely fascinated by minimal surfaces like the Gyroid Cube I modeled a while ago.  So, I decided to create a few more, using Ken Brakke’s site as reference.  As done withe Gyroid model, I created approximate surfaces using Rhino, and then created a thickened mesh using MeshLab.

The first model was a Schwartz P Surface:

Download it here!

Next I made a Schoen I6 surface.  I knew that this model would be tricky to print, so I modeled in some support walls that could be easily removed once printed:

Download it here!

Finally, I modeled a Batwing.  With a bit of guidance from Fabulously Fabricated, I was able to get something that looked reasonably good:

Download it here!


After printing these, I’ve got a nice little collection!


Thanks for reading!

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